Can You Find Cougars Who Want to Remain Friends?

A lot of guys are getting turned on to cougar dating because they’ve realized that one of the hottest dating demographics in the United States right now are older women looking for younger men. It seems like everybody in this dog is trying to find cougars using , so to speak. This is all well and good, but the problem is so many guys are going about it the wrong way. So many guys are going about it in such a way that they will end up broken hearted or at worst, they’re not going to get what they’re looking for.

Think of it as some sort of dating gold rush. When you have so many people looking for the same thing, there will be all sorts of unnecessary drama because people are going to tackle the issue with all sorts of false assumptions and expectations. In many cases, people would try to cut corners and at the end of the day not get what they’re looking for.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to focus on one thing. You need to find cougars who want to remain friends. Let me be clear, banging cougars is not the problem. Finding older women who want to have sex is not an issue. In fact, there’s too many of them.

The issue is trying to find people who would want to remain friends. That is your secret to success. Why? If you’re able to do that and maintain a high level of respect, they will refer you to their friends and you will have a tremendous harem of older women looking to jump on your  dick whenever you make a call. How awesome is that?

How to find a fuck buddy like a boss

Hey, let’s face it, it will be nice to find a fuck buddy. What’s better than hanging out with a chick that looks really good and having a great time with her at the mall, at the library, hanging out at the park, and maybe even participating at local fun runs and be your fuck buddy. You’re getting the best of both worlds. The good news is that more and more women are getting turned on to this idea. You have to remember that the modern American woman is very busy. She’s not like her mom from 20 years ago. 20 years ago it’s all about settling down. It’s all about finding the right guy. In other words, it was all about romance and love. Well, now since the world is full of so many choices, so many challenges and so many opportunities, people don’t have time for that shit. I’m not saying that there is no space for love and emotion and deep emotional intimacy and fulfillment. I’m not saying that at all, but in the case of most American women, they probably wait long after college, I’m talking about in their 30s, before they start thinking about falling in love. In the meantime, it’s all about enjoying themselves in all aspects of their lives and this, of course, involves sex.

So what ‘s the happy compromise here? That’s right, finding fuck buddies. In other words, you are complete friends with somebody and from time to time, you have sex with each other. How awesome is that? Talk about getting the best of both worlds. If you’re serious about your efforts in trying to find a fuck buddy, pay attention to these short simple tips below.

Pick localized sites with active users

It’s really important to find websites that have women in your area just like findafuckbuddy. Unless you have a lot of money and can jump on a jet just to bang a chick that’s located in Florida, it’s a good idea to make sure that the website that you’re using to find pussy has local pussy. Another key factor is that they have to be active. It doesn’t really do you any favors if you pick among profiles that haven’t logged in for a long time. Finally, you need to get out there. You need to become active in that online community so that chicks will seek you out and become your friend. That’s how it works.

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